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[e.g. 5:35, or 3;45]
SP Quranic Schemas [61]
[61] Shirk Is Not Limited to Idols And Includes Seeking Intercession Through Prophets, Angels, Jinns, and the Righteous 7 Entries
[60] The Methodology of Giving Da'wah 3 Entries
[59] The Obligation of Following the Salaf (the Sahaabah) 4 Entries
[58] Allaah Does Not Wrong Anyone, But They Wrong Their Own Souls 10 Entries
[57] Negation Of Any Likeness For Allaah 4 Entries
[56] None Can Guide Whomever Allaah Misguides 10 Entries
[55] Those Whom Allaah Misguides 6 Entries
[54] Allaah Guides and Misguides Whom He Wills 4 Entries
[53] The Forms and Types of Worship 24 Entries
[52] The Four Levels of al-Qadr 11 Entries
[51] Allaah Sent Messengers to Call to His Worship, To Be Obeyed, and As Givers of Glad Tidings And Warners 7 Entries
[50] Allaah Created Mankind That They May Worship Him Alone and To Test Them As To Who is Best in Deed 4 Entries
[49] Allaah Did Not Create the Creation in Falsehood or In Jest 5 Entries
[48] Allaah is the Creator of Everything 12 Entries
[47] Allaah Explains His Signs So That You May... 6 Entries
[46] And From Amongst His Signs... 11 Entries
[45] The Final Hour is Close at Hand 6 Entries
[44] Repelling the Evil With That Which is Best 3 Entries
[43] The Furqaan (Criterion) 7 Entries
[42] The Knowledge of the Final Hour is with Allaah 3 Entries
[41] They Plot and Allaah Too Plots and He is the Best of Plotters 15 Entries
[40] About the Taaghoot and the Necessity of Rejecting of the Taaghoot 8 Entries
[39] Allaah Sent Muhammad With the Deen to Prevail Over All Other (Abrogated or False) Religions 3 Entries
[38] The Dahriyyah (Atheists) 3 Entries
[37] The Life of the World Is Merely A Temporary Pleasure and Enjoyment 11 Entries
[36] Those Who Distort the Words Are the Yahood and the People of Ta'weel (Tahreef) 4 Entries
[35] The Revelations And Prophets of Allaah Are the Lights of Guidance, Knowledge and Faith 18 Entries
[34] On The Nullification Of All Action By Way of Kufr, Shirk and Nifaaq 16 Entries
[33] Imaan is Between Fear and Hope 3 Entries
[32] Those Whose Hearts Allaah Places A Seal Over 11 Entries
[31] There Is No True Protector Nor Aider For the Creation Except Allaah 6 Entries
[30] Concerning Hijrah (Emigration) 14 Entries
[29] All Prophets Ordered Taqwa of Allaah And Obedience (To Themselves) 7 Entries
[28] The Prohibition Of Calling Upon Others Alongside Allaah 6 Entries
[27] The Obligation To Call Upon Allaah Alone Purely And Sincerely 10 Entries
[26] All Honour And Might ('Izzah) Belongs To Allaah 4 Entries
[25] Success And Prosperity Linked to Tazkiyah (Purification) Of The Soul 5 Entries
[24] All The Prophets Began Rectification With Tawheed Of Ibaadah 8 Entries
[23] Whomsoever Allaah Misguides, There Is None To Guide 6 Entries
[22] All Calamities In The Ummah Are Due To Disobedience 8 Entries
[21] The Verses of Prostration in the Qur'aan 14 Entries
[20] The Obligation of Giving Obedience (Taa'ah) To Allaah's Messenger 24 Entries
[19] The Dispute Between the Inhabitants of Hellfire 3 Entries
[18] All Differences To Be Referred Back To Allaah And His Messenger 7 Entries
[17] Establishment (Tathbeet) Is Sought From And Granted By Allaah 9 Entries
[16] Man Is Ungrateful In Prosperity And Submissive When In Need 10 Entries
[15] And Who Is More Unjust Than The One Who... 15 Entries
[14] If Allaah Inflicts With You With Harm, None Can Remove It But Allaah 2 Entries
[13] No One Shall Bear The Burden of Another 5 Entries
[12] Allaah Does Not Burden A Soul More Than It Can Bear 6 Entries
[11] The Quran Revealed in Clear Arabic Language 10 Entries
[10] Allaah Enlarges And Restricts Provision For Whom He Wills 9 Entries
[9] The Messenger and None from the Creation Know The Unseen Independently 20 Entries
[8] The Increase (and Decrease) of Imaan (Faith) 6 Entries
[7] The Attribute of Istiwaa For Allaah 9 Entries
[6] Splitting in the Religion is Forbidden and Censured 7 Entries
[5] The Mushriks Called Upon Allaah Alone in Times of Hardship 4 Entries
[4] The Messenger of Allaah Was Human 9 Entries
[3] Following the Way of One's Forefathers Condemned 3 Entries
[2] The Book and the Wisdom (the Sunnah) 7 Entries
[1] The Mushriks of Makkah Affirmed Allaah's Ruboobiyyah (Lordship) 8 Entries

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