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Random Hadeeths:

كتاب المغازي : Hadeeth No:3875 : Mirdas Al-Aslami:
Who was among those (who had given the Pledge of allegiance) under the Tree: Pious people will die in succession, and there will remain the dregs of society who will be like the useless residues of dates and barley and Allah will pay no attention to them....

كتاب الفرائض : Hadeeth No:6328 : 'Aisha:
I bought Barira (a female slave). The Prophet said (to me), "Buy her as the Wala' is for the manumitted." Once she was given a sheep (in charity). The Prophet said, "It (the sheep) is a charitable gift for her (Barira) and a gift for us." Al-Hakam said, "Barira's husband was ...

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