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Random Hadeeths:

كتاب الزكاة : Hadeeth No:1405 : 'Umar:
Once I gave a horse in Allah's Cause (in charity) but that person did not take care of it. I intended to buy it, as I thought he would sell it at a low price. So, I asked the Prophet (SallAllaahu `Alayhi Wa Sallam) about it. He said, "Neither buy, nor take back your alms which you have given, even...

كتاب العلم : Hadeeth No:114 : Abu Huraira:
There is none among the companions of the Prophet who has narrated more Hadiths than I except 'Abdallah bin Amr (bin Al-'As) who used to write them and I never did the same. ...

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