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A Description of the Prophet's Prayer
  On Placing the Hands in the Prayer
Author: Al-Haafidh al-Mubaarakfooree
Article ID : IBD040002  [21752]  
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And ad-Daaruqutnee also relates this hadeeth with the same sanad as ibn Abee Shaybah and there is no mention of the addition in it: al-Husain bin Ismaa’eel and Uthmaan bin Ja’far bin Muhammad al-Ahwad both related to us from Yusuf bin Musa from Wakee’ from Musa bin Umar al ’Inbaree from ‘Alqama bin Wail al-Hadramee from his father who said, ‘I saw the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu `alaihi wasallam) placing his right hand upon his left in the prayer.’

And this is also supported by the fact that ibn Turkamaanee, the Shaykh of al-Haafidh az-Zayla’i mentioned in his ‘al-Jawhar’ two weak hadeeth to support his madhab where he said, ‘Ibn Hazm said, "it is reported to us from Abu Hurayra who said, ‘place the hand upon the hand below the navel.’ And from Anas who said, ‘three are from the manners of the Prophethood: hastening the iftaar, delaying the suhoor, and placing the right hand upon the left below the navel in the prayer.’"’

And before these two hadeeth he quotes the narration of Abu Majliz in the ‘Musannaf’ of ibn Abee Shaybah, ‘Ibn Abee Shaybah said in his ‘Musannaf’ from Yazeed bin Haaroon from al-Hajjaaj bin Hisaan who said I heard Abu Majliz or I asked him, "how do I place (my hands)?" He said, "place the palm of the right hand on the back of the left hand below the navel"’

And he does not quote any other narration from the ‘Musannaf’ of ibn Abee Shaybah, and it is clear that the narration of Wa’il in which the addition, ‘below the navel’ occurs was not in there. And if it was there with this addition then ibn Turkamaanee would have quoted it, for it is inconceivable that he would mention two da’eef hadeeth to support his madhab, and quote the narration of Abu Majliz from the ‘Musannaf’, and not quote the marfu’ hadeeth of Wa’il with this addition present and it’s saheeh sanad.

And this is also supported by the fact that ash-Shaikh Muhammad Hayat as-Sindee said in his letter, ‘Fath al-Ghafoor’, ‘that more than one of the Companions of Hadeeth reported this hadeeth and there was no mention of the words, "below the navel", in fact I have not seen or heard any of the people of knowledge mention this hadeeth with this addition except al-Qaasim. And this is ibn Abd al-Barr the Haafidh of his time saying in ‘at-Tamheed,’ ‘And ath-Thawri and Abu Haneefah said, "below the navel" and this is narrated from Alee and Ibraaheem an-Nakha’i but it is not authentic from them.’ So if this authentic hadeeth with this additional wording was in the ‘Musannaf’ he would have mentioned it because he often quotes from the ‘Musannaf’ in this chapter and others. And this ibn Hajr, the Haafidh of his time, saying in his ‘Fath’, ‘And ibn Khuzaimah reported from Wa’il that he placed them upon his chest, and in al-Bazzaar (the wording is) near his chest (‘inda sadrihi), and Ahmad reports a similar hadeeth from the hadeeth of Halb.’ And he says in the ‘Takhreej al-Hidaayah’ that the narration of Alee is da’eef, and is contradicted by the hadeeth of Wail bin Hujr, "I prayed with the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu `alaihi wasallam) and he placed his right hand upon his left on his chest." And he indicates this in ‘Takhreej Ahaadeeth ar-Raafi’ee.’ So if this addition was present in the ‘Musannaf’ he would have mentioned it, and his books are replete with ahaadeeth and narrations.

And this is as-Suyutee, the Haafidh of his time, saying in ‘Wadhaa’if al-Yawn wa al-Lail’, ‘he used to place his right hand upon his left and place them firmly on his chest.’ And he mentioned in his ‘Jaami al-Kabeer’ about eight hadeeth of Wail from the ‘Musannaf’ and the wording of some of them is, ‘I saw the Prophet (sallallaahu `alaihi wasallam) place his right hand upon his left in prayer.’ And this is the wording that the author of ‘Naqd as-Surra’ mentioned with the addition, ‘below the navel’ and if this addition was present then as-Suyutee would have mentioned it. And this is al-Aini saying in the commentary of Bukhaaree, ‘ash-Shaafi’ee relied upon the hadeeth of Wa’il bin Hujr reported by ibn Khuzaimah in his ‘Saheeh’ who said, "I prayed behind the Messenger of Allaah (sallallaahu `alaihi wasallam) and he placed his right hand upon his left on his chest." And our Hanafee scholars seek support with evidences that are not strong (ghayru watheeqa).’

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