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Hasan Turabi
  Hasan Turabi Calls for the Re-shaping of Islam to Fit Western Ideals
Author: Umm Khan
Article ID : NDV050001  [16521]  

"I personally have views that run against all of the orthodox schools of law on the status of women, on the court testimony of non-muslims, on the law of apostasy....I don't accept the condemnation of Salman Rushdie. There are moral injunctions of how women and men should dress, but that is not part of the law."

Hasan Turabi in "Foreign Affairs", p.53-55.
May/June 1995

The brief excerpts from Milton Viorst's interview with the west-toxified Turabi are enough to make any sincere Muslim's stomach Squirm.

The man is careful, precise and wise in his choice of words, which is precisely how he has managed to dupe many millions of Muslims into trusting him in his quest to define and outline an Islam 'Fit for the 21st century'.

Just to clarify, he has stated his denial of the 'Hud' on the Murtad (Capital Punishment), something he re-affirms here. Oh, by the way, Shari'ah gives us LAWS not moral principles. It's not immoral to walk around exposing one's Awra, it is HARAM, as in a LEGISLATIVE injunction prohibiting it.

Now I realize that some from among us have an irrational attatchment to the man, and I have read the replies of some brothers asking me to substantiate my vicious attack on Turabi's thoughts. Further, I realize that the above quotations may not be quite enough to label him Ummah's enemy No. 1. So, I have pulled out a handfull (believe me there's tons more where this came from)of qoutes and refernces from HIS own book "Tajdeed Usul Al Fiqh Al Islamiyyah" (Redefining/modernizing the Usul ul Fiqh Al Islamiyyah).

p12 "Old fiqh was influenced by greek philosophy... This modernization must be in the roots. (usul)......In economics, ......(a number of things)... and IBADAAT"

The man is calling not only for Ijtihad in Ibadaat, but a redefining of the Usul used for it!!!

p 19 "We need new Ijtihad in the Ibadaat...." there he goes again !

p 20 "The Muslims are in need of new laws for divorce and marriage and we must take advantage of what the west has to offer.....(makes references to sociology)"

There is a principle which states that any thing which disagrees with Islam is Kufr. Meaning, If it disagrees with Islam, it's source is outside of Islam, and that is what is absolutely intolerable - Referring to other than shara' sources as the origin and base of law.

p22 "We need Usul wasi'ah for new Fiqh..."  ie. to produce the new fiqh, we need 'Broader' usul.

p22 "We need Qiyas wasi'ah.." ie. Quran and Sunnah are too restrictive on the Qiyas, therefore we need to define new parameters for Qiyas.

p22 "The Sahaba's Qiyas was bounded by Greek Philosophy..." Oh, and his isn't shaped and directed by the kuffar at Notre Dame?

This guy is Ummah's enemy Number One. This guy is the enemy within. He and His protege are carrying the intellectual attack on Islam to a new front. (Ganouchi is his protege- believe me he's even worse.)

We must keep in mind that this is just the latest phase in the intellectual ideological attack which the kuffar, individuals and institutions, have been waging against the mindset of the Muslims for generations. They think that by us sipping a little poison (sugar coated) at a time, we won't be aware until the accumulative effects are far to strong to resist.

What further legitimizes the Turabi-esqe stance is the availability of resources to prop up personalities and centers who espouse and exhort turabi-esqe rhetoric to sweteen his precision oriented poison.

This guy, Turabi, has no right to lead this Ummah into the twenty first century. He is only leading us to a west-toxified collapse into the lap of Bernard Lewis and his merry men.

You will not succeed, Turabi, We have many sons and daugters who are wise to your lies.


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